House Special

(Only at Lucky Fortune)
Served w. White Rice
Brown Rice add $0.5, Vegetable or Roast Pork or Chicken Fried Rice add $1, Shrimp Fried Rice add $2

S1. House Fukien Mein
Stir-fried fukien style skinny angel-hair egg noodles wit chicken, beef, roast pork, prawns scallops and vegetables
spicy S2. Black Pepper Beef or Chicken
Steamed zukini, pepper, onion. Mix with pepper beef / chicken and the homemade sauce
S3. Baby Bok Choy Tofu 10.75
S6. Sauteed String Bean
Szechuan spicy sauce
S7. Thai Curry Chicken & Prawns 14.95
S8. Mango Chicken and Prawns 14.95
S9. Thai Cashew Chicken and Prawns 14.95
S10. Thai Seafood Delight
Lobster, prawns, scallop, mussel and vegetable